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republicans they could move this thing. >> krystal? >> reporter: can i take a whack at that question, please? it's mike viqueira. the question is, did the president know and as charles krauthammer outlined, you know, that he was going to crush the republican opposition, listen. i'm going to toot my own horn a little bit. i wrote about this two days after the election. what the president has done is take a battlefield victory and pursued the enemy in the woods and routed them. the advisers know that john boehner could not, cannot, would not pass a bill in the house of representatives to raise tax rates. john boehner came out the day after the election and tried to preempt that. he knew it was coming and trying to raise revenues closing loopholes. we won't raise tax rates, however. the president has compromised. he's gone from 250 to 400. he's changed some other things. he put the social security benefit reductions on the table. the so-called chain cpi and they knew all along -- i don't know if this was third intention or overt thinking but they're very smart people and no wriggle room, no fle
of my friends and colleagues, the host of msnbc's "the cycle" toure and crystal ball. krystal, what was your reaction. off young daughter and you are pregnant. >> it's been a very emotional day. i think i feel the way the president feels, the way that most patients feel, the way that most americans feel. not to state the obvious, but there's something about it being such young children, 5-year-olds, these were babies, that really makes it just very hard to cope with emotionally. it seems so senseless, so unbelievably tragic and unfathomable that you just don't know how to wrap your mind about it. put aside the fact that he also apparently took the life of his own mother, another monstrous incomprehensible tragedy. so it's been a tough day for me as it has been for many americans. nothing, of course, compared to what the victims are going through. >> of course. >> absolutely. all of that. your child is 4 my son is 5, my daughter is 3 1/2. we walk through these hallways similar to the gunman did today, and i can very clearly visualize the path he would have taken and going into this r
, it is david, you saw the beginnings, with dean, and obama. >> krystal? the most valuable player? >> probably to waiter who placed the camera at the mitt romney fundraiser and captured the 47% comments, which i think showed a lot of people their concerns about mitt romney and the fact he really was not there for all of america. that he didn't understand the problems that average americans were facing. >> let's listen to that little moment of video history. the 47%. >> there are 47% of the people who will vote for the president, there are 47% of people who are with him. who believe that they are victims. who believe that the government has the responsibility to care for them. who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. and so my job is not to worry about these people. i'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility. >> a very valuable comment. >> i am going to go with bill clinton. >> one speech? >> it was 20 years in the making, the story of the speech, for the first 15 years, republicans treated bill clinton that he was the worst
is krystal ball and richard wolffe. thank you for being here tonight. >> thanks, reverend. >> thanks, reverend. krystal, how big a moment will it be if the president gets the republicans to cave on tax increases? >> i mean, it really is sort of hard to understate how significant that would be. it would es seshlgsentially mar end of when george w.h. bush led taxes. we had the contract for america. that in some ways was the precursor of the tea party and this very extreme rhetoric, us versus them rhetoric, where rather than talking about nuance differences between positions you call the president's health care bill socialism and yell about death panels and caricature things. that could be the most important shift. if they finally have to break and increase tax rates, they also have to change the way they talk about their policies. you can't just domogog. if they were offering better solutio solutions, that would force the democratic party to be smarter and offer more innovative solutions, too. >> now, richard, president obama told "rolling stone" magazine that his past election would b
news. >> i'm krystal ball we fight for the right to party. it's a holiday party after the show and we'll be well behaved. >> sort of. >> i'm steve kornacki. i'm a resident party animal. you haven't seen the pictures of the 2002 massachusetts gubernatorial debate watch party. >> what? >> we stand corrected. it's always a party here in "the cycle." >>> developing news this hour. protesters rae main out of michigan's capitol building urging the governor not to sign right to work legislation and barring them from requiring workers to pay union dues as a condition of employment. the state house passed both bills today dealing with private and public sector unions. protesters were shouting "shame on you" from the gallery. michael moore said they're up to 15,000 people at the protest. state senate passed both bills last week and now michigan governor rick snyder says he'll sign them as early as tomorrow. nbc's ron mott is there. what's the latest? >> reporter: hey there, good day to you. i'm not sure about 15,000 number but there are still a lot of folks here. most of them have probably star
." from washington, i'm krystal ball. reid calls boehner a dictator. ah, the holiday spirit. it is alive and well here. >>> i'm steve kornacki in new york. doesn't matter where you are. we are going to slide down the slope if a deal isn't reached. some faster than others. today, what you don't hear in all of this. straight talk when it comes to your wallet. >>> i'm toure. a big day today. anti-fragile. chaos can be good. oh, we'll make them mad today. >> maybe a little too much chaos for us who's still feeling under the weather, s.e. but we have a whole hour of "the cycle" starting right now. >>> it's basketball thursday here on "the cycle" and we have a classic for you as we relate dr. nasmith to the fiscal whatever here in washington. we take you to washington for last night's cavaliers-wizards game, a classic between the boehner-led cavs at 6-23 against the harry reid wizards at 3-22. pay attention, kornacki. cleveland won. the final was 87-84. this even though cleveland's best player irving missed 9 out of 10 shots in the second half and missed 4 out of 6 free-throws with no one guar
of our kids. >> let's get right to it. krystal ball is my colleague and the cohost of "the cycle." marissa is a president of voter latino. and we also have the democratic strategist, the one and only julian epstein with us. krystal, i want to start with you. there's a story in the "new york times" today. he found the chances of there being a gun in a democratic household is 31% while the chances of a gun in a republican household is 56%. now, every other industrialized nation doesn't have this obsession with firearms as michael bloomberg the mayor of new york said yesterday. so why are guns so central to politics here? >> well, it's become sort of a -- more of a cultural touch stone than almost anything else. and i'm sure part of those numbers playing into it is the fact that republicans tend to focus on rural areas, rural areas there tends to be higher incident of gun ownership. i'm sure that's part of it. and the conversation about gun rights and the second amendment has gotten all wrapped up in this sense of rural identity. and people who want to impose gun controls are seen a
. but we're still spinning the wheel. >> somehow i see a foregone conclusion with that. i'm krystal ball. >> a toure. why it's so expensive to stay healthy unless you're royalty. >> i'm lady cupp. you can be royalty, too. it's what you get for the friend who has everything. á>> all that and ken burns take a seat at the table on wednesday, december 5th. >>> 27 days to go in the debt fight and republicans say the next 72 hours are critical. so we'll have the last several weeks just for show? it's time to spin the wheel of misfortune and today we are going with fiscal slope. gradual fiscal slope, actually. a term i tried to coin a few weeks ago. anyway, i guess not much changed since then. both sides are locked in a stalemate. >> in any way suggest that they're going to tie negotiations to debt ceiling votes and take us to the brink of default once again as part of a budget negotiation which by the way we have never done in our history until we did it last year. i will not play that game. >> despite the doomsday talk in washington on wall street there's a sense of optimism. just an hour be
>>> like sands through the hour glass, i'm krystal ball. doomsday and a key fiscal cliff vote on course to collide. that can't be a good thing. or is it? >>> i'm steve kornacki. grilled on the hill. top state department reps answer tough questions of the benghazi report. we have a former secretary of state saying none of it will lead to change. >>> i'm s.e. cupp. i like red, white and blue. buy america. >>> no one likes last-minute holiday shopping. i have a gift for the sports fan who has everything. >>> will it be pink or blue presents under my family tree? it is not both. i have an announcement. hit follow and come along for "the cycle." >>> the mayans believe the world ends tonight. that's one way to end the fol follies of washington. the rivalry between president obama and speaker boehner is taking over d.c. rivalry, mayans, makes me think of basketball since the mayans invented the earliest form of basketball. >> no. >> it's a fact. >> it is thursday. of course i'm doing sports metaphors. what else did you expect? we start with the new york knicks and the nets. we'll get
. >> joining me now is former vermont governor howard dean and msnbc's krystal ball. governor dean, our treasury secretary is a very carwful speaker. when asked if they're prepared to go off the cliff, his first word was absolutely. there was nothing, nothing could be more clear that this administration means what they say about getting what they want at this point. >> yeah. the only problem is -- this is a little initially going to team like heresy, the truth is everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich. that's a good start. we won't get out of the problem to raise taxes across the board to go back to what bill clinton had in his taxes. if we don't do that, the problem is pressure is on spending even more. i think we need to make the defense cuts. we want to minimize human services cuts. the best way to do that is go back to clinton era taxes. i actually have mixed feelings about striking a deal where the rich folks pay more taxes. i think they should pay more taxes, but i actually think going off clithe cliff is a bet solution than just charging people who make a lot of mon
to pay its creditors for spending as david correctly pointed out and as krystal ball brilliantly summarized, spending that has already occurred. now, will you lend money to any debtor who just defaulted on their debt? i mean, it's unthinkable. interest rates would go through the roof. we'd jam the economy into a devastating recession. i mean, david said it well in his piece this morning. if you think the fiscal cliff is a problem, this kind of hostage taking around the debt ceiling is multiples of that and the president is, i think, very correct to stand extremely firm and be extremely clear that he's not going to play that game. >> karen, the politics of this are frightening for the republicans. the latest polling does not support their stance. and given that they spent four years obstructing this president and failed, why do it again from the outset of his second term? >> well, you know, there's good news for the republicans, martin. karl rove's group, crossroads gps is going to spend some money for some ads, and we know that's a successful strategy in convincing the american p
're asking students to pay higher student loans. >> krystal, the republicans are on the run here. the new reel that we get to run every night about the latest republicans saying this is absolutely hopeless is absolutely amazing. limbaugh is an amazing spot tonight saying that he doesn't think that there is any republican that can stop this. >> my favorite has been ann coulter. >> how do you win this if all the rates go up? >> i think they are exactly right. i mean, if you're going to have -- if you're going to get what you want if you're republicans, you have to be able to threaten something, either voter wrath or some legislative outcome that they don't want or further down the road the debt ceiling but that's not until further down the road. they just have nowhere to go with this. so i think truly the best thing, the smartest thing for them to do is to go ahead, raise the rates for the upper incomes because they just have nowhere to go in this debate, especially with the public against them the way that it is and because people like limbaugh and ann coulter and various congressional rep
these discussions is that he wants to wait until january 3rd, when the election for speaker takes place. >> krystal, that's the kind of thing i wish i thought of. i've been seeing this thing as being a january 3rd or 4th reality point for negotiations. i wish i would have caught that point. that's a good point. >> here is something that you did think of when you were so kind as to grace us with you being on our show. >> the cycle at 3:00 p.m. >> thank you. >> sometime last week. you were talking about how john boehner got some control of his caucus by doing what no speaker in the past has done, by letting the crazies roule the roost. it wasn't his choice but it was what he had to do to send the strategy. that lesson hasn't totally sunk in yet. i don't think they have completely resigned themselves to the fact that they are going to have to give on tax rates. going back to what you were just citing, a lot of them do see taxes as the core principle. raising them is an@ma to the republican ideology because they have seeded every other idea they have had. they have spent their time yelling about social
to be krystal clear about something else. congress also bears some responsibility here. congress has the power of the purse. >>> plus, it was once believed newark mayor booker would run for governor of new jersey but with chris christie's approval rating at an all-time high, booker makes this announcement regarding his political future. >> i'll explore the possibility of running for the united states senate in 2014. >> it is just one of the things we thought you should know and you can join our conversation. >>> heated words on capitol hill today in hearings on the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. this morning, all eyes were on committee chairman john kerry who's widely expected to succeed hillary clinton as secretary of state. he was quick to point out congress should take some blame for what happened in benghazi. >> i want to be krystal clear about something else. congress, also, bears some responsibility here. congress has the power of the purse. adequately funding america's foreign policy objectives is not spending. it's investing. >> this morning's hearing marked by sharp quest
panel. with us from washington, cohost of the cycle krystal ball. so ryan, we've got the president heading back to washington to head off the fiscal cliff. but he's also got some second term appointments on his agenda. one being the next secretary of defense. did you expect to see chuck hagel of all people so embattled from both sides? >> well, yes, sort of. yourn, you know that john mccain hates the guy. you know, he -- and he didn't create a lot of friends toward the end of his time and throughout most of his time as a senator. because he didn't really tow the party line on policy. he broke with republicans on the iraq war. and so he oftentimes would give democrats a way of saying what they were doing was bipartisan and then had the sheen of the veblt of a guy like hagel so it's this guy that's been a thorn in their side the whole time. now here he is he might be elevated to secretary of defense. and you could see that's going to bother the same types of people that seem to be bothered by every other person that's floated by obama. and that's mccain and graham and those fellas. >
revvies. >> krystal, who wins that award in your book. and i'm looking forward here. i'm looking in the krystal ball. i'm looking for who going forward stood out this year that gives us where we're going in the future because the next presidential election, there will be no incumbent. we are going to see both parties have an open shadow. who gets that revvie? who's the person we ought to be watching. >> she already had a pretty large star. but i think hillary clinton has just continued to grow in stature. is the front runner. i mean, hands down, not only for the democratic nomination, but even republicans are admitting that they're pretty scared of her in 2016. and partly, it's because republicans use this device of saying the clintons were the good and reasonable democrats that we could work with. they actually elevated the clintons themselves. now, hillary is stepping down as secretary of state. she'll be doing lots of nonpolitical work over the next few years. and i think her star will only continue to burn brieghter and brighter and everyone will be paying attention to see wh
diaper cakes and hard-boiled eggs have des moiin? >> i'm krystal ball or am i. they're closer to ever to concrete the human brain. the possibilities are endless. >> all of that, and plus did i just see hillary clinton's first campaign ad? i hope so. it's just another manic monday. it's "the cycle." >> i'm glad to see america's favorite nerd is back at the table. welcome, steve. i hope you feel better. >> that's nice about you. >> i wasn't talking about myself. 1823, silent films star harold lloyd gave us a thrilling moment in american history. here it is. ♪ >> there was no computer generated special effects back then. that was a literal cliff-hanger, and 90 years later it keeps you on the edge of your seat. the literal cliff-hanger is what we have in congress right now. there's little to no doubt we'll avoid doomsday, but for a while we hang over the aabyss in a daredevil stunt of our own making. this makes americans believe congress is a bunch of big, fat liars. when it comes to honesty, congress ranked so low they're second to used car salesmen. it's a fee even harold lloyd wouldn
. >> krystal, it's grover norquist versus the polls, actually, the polls actually tell us -- a new cnn poll shows that 45% of americans would blame congressional republicans if no deal is reached and 34% would blame president obama. i don't think grover is going to turn that around. >> no, i don't think grover is going to turn that around and i don't think that he's right that tea party 2 will dwarf tea party 1. >> he is so wrong. >> but i do think that there is true to the fact that there is already a backlash from the ultra right, grassroot tea partyiers that are still out there upset with boehner over his initial position, which is still quite far to the right, as you and ryan talked about in the last segment, doesn't even include any increase in the top tack rates at all. it still focuses on these magic, you know, reductions of loopholes and deductions that we've never heard anyone from mitt romney or anyone else be able to actually describe. >> let's listen to something that tim geithner said, his description of the republican's problem. >> they are in kind of in a tough position now a
absolutely right. even bill krystal agrees with them. the economy boomed during the middle of the clinton two administrations when the high tax rate was at 39.6%. we had a huge expansion of productivity and everybody was feeling quite prosperous as i recall. and so the question is why not seriously go back to something like that again? i think we can stipulate that nobody wants to pay more taxes. i don't want to pay any more taxes, you don't, but we've just come through this period where we've funded two huge, expensive wars and didn't pay for it, and now the bill is coming due. what a surprise. we've got to get around to paying for it. >> what about this idea of killing this carried interest notion and also increasing the amount charged against dividends. of course, warren buffett has suggested if you're earning over $1 million in terms of your capital benefits, then you should be tacked at a minimum of 30%. does that make sense? >> it certainly makes sense that the carrot interest, this province of private he can quit guys like mitt romney that we've been talking about for years, should go
strategy is simply this. i agree with krystal. that's what i'm going to say. >> that's because she's on your show and agrees with you. >> i wish every guest took that lesson to heart. >> speaking of aagreeing with me, one thing that did happen in the news today -- i'm not sure you're aware of it. >> i have no idea. this is news to me right now. america and i are going to learn this right now live. >> wait for it. senator jim demint announcing he's going to resign from the senate to go lead heritage foundation. now, i know this is brand-new to you, so you can take a moment to digest. do you think that this changes the grounds of negotiations for the fiscal cliff, and do you think that he's in some way -- he's been aa very ardent tea party supporter, critic of john boehner even with his initial proposal. is he going to wield actually more power at the heritage foundation than he does right now as a senator? >> it's always a joke when anybody talks about wielding more power out of elective office as a civilian than in elective office. it's a real help to the republicans in the senate
. wait a minute. are we being too hard on the pranksters? >> i'm krystal ball. in to the holiday spiritual. our friend is back at the table with tips to dare we say it enjoy the season? >>> all and that a federal case of it. why when it comes to gay marriage the train can't be stop. neither can we. it's "the cycle" and it's monday, december 10th. >>> it's monday, fun day here at "the cycle." let's get the party started. where will it land today? fiscal cliff? huh. so much for fun. well you know what? we at "the cycle" can make it fun. look at this. the president living it up in motown last hour calling on republicans to stop being party poopers. >> i believe america only succeeds and thrives when we've got a strong and growing middle class. i want us to bring down our deficits but i want to do it in a balanced, responsible way. and i want to reward -- i want a tax code that rewards businesses and manufacturers, like detroit diesel right here creating jobs right here in redford, right here in michigan. right here in the united states of america. >> rhetoric like that might be work
are you hearing? >> reporter: well, krystal, president obama was alerted about this tragedy at 10:30 this morning by the national security adviser john brennan. he is receiving updates throughout the morning and afternoon. white house press secretary jay carney holding a daily briefing today and talking about how tragic the events are and asked the initial response was. carney held off saying that it's too soon and the president waiting for details and made the point that president obama is watching these events unfold today as a father as much as he is wachi inwatching as a presid. the president reached out to fbi director mueller as well as the governor of connecticut malloy. now, president obama is very reminisce ept of the aurora, colorado, shooting and president obama spoke to the nation. he was middle in the campaign at that point. he suspended the events. spoke to the nation about how tragic it was, extended condolences to the people of colorado. i'm sure we'll hear similar comments of the president today. jay carney was asked earlier today about the fact that president oba
. >> all right. michael, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >>> my name might be krystal ball but s.e. saw something that the rest of us didn't since she is not here today. we have the winners and the losers of this fiscal fiesta. but really, are there any winners? >>> so all eyes are on washington where they're trying to make the last-minute deal. instead of watching the ball in times square. so we have to then sit here and run through the winners and losers of this fiscal fiasco. we at "the cycle" fall of the column of big losers because we're here. the news was too hot to stay home. the winner, s.e. who somehow got to be ill. you know what? i'm sick, too. sick of the cliff. but i digress. we got to talk about winners and losers. i think no winners kristal disagrees. >> i have a few. one is nancy pelosi because compared to john boehner i would say she looks like the greatest speaker of the house of all time. not un, surprisingly, mitt romney, because even though i'm sure he would rather be president, at least he doesn't deal with the mess himself. next on my list, rich
tomorrow, the emergency committee for israel conservative group founded by william krystal is going to have adds on msnbc and other attacking chuck hagel for voting against iran sanctions. the white house tells us they believe this criticism is manageable, they could go ahead with nomination of senator hagel, but there are other names out there, and i think this is much less set in stone than the choice of senator kerry. >> it's, again, a situation where they suggest, float a name, and let the critics gather before they even have a defense of the nominee. what about women and other diverse names if this doesn't work? >> that's why i think the michelle fonoi, the first couple of the years of the obama administration, important voice during the reelection campaign, i could see her becoming very attractive. is the president really going to go out and announce three white men as a national security appointees? could well happen if they are the right people, he could well do that, but you could see michelle coming in there, also being considered as the number two now at the pentagon, ash carter,
a look at what conservative commentator bill krystal said on fox. >> the republicans are at real risk in my view now of looking like they are defending -- keeping the current tax rates for the wealthy. at the end of the day president obama is selling a simple message, i want to keep taxes low for middle class americans and republicans look like -- i'm worried they're in the position of looking this, if they don't care about the middle class and want to keep tax rates low for wealthier americans. >> yes or no, is he right? yes or no? >> i don't think so. it's far too easy. >> he's right. democratic strategists are giddy. for two years they've been trying to make this argue am, the republicans are going to hold yush doctor. >> let me go back. i think he's wrong. i think ultimately if we don't get a deal, it's bad for president obama, bad for his legacy, and bad for democrats. >> i think you're right but i also think that your party lost this election, they should act accordingly and they're not doing it. >> john boehner didn't lose. john boehner still -- >> that is exactly where you're
laws in place there. if it is only a matter of time, i won't put you in a krystal ball situation, but never the less, when do you think this matter of time will come, especially seeing when's happening in washington state as of midnight local time there? >> i think a lot of it depends on what obama and holder do with regard to washington and colorado. >> right. >> if they take, you know, if they take an aggress approach it might quicken things bringing things to a head. if they take a more hands off approach, it allows industries to develop in a more systematic and reasonable way and lead other states in 2016 to go for legalization. it's tough in a midterm with a ton of those over 65 voters opposed to it. 2016, 2020, you will have a ton of states where it's legal and with alcohol, you have dry co t countçie counties. even 40, 50 years from now you have states and counties prohibited but not like a war footing like it is right now. >> ryan, good to see you as always. >> thanks. >>> we have new information about the nfl player jovan belcher. apparently just hours before he shot
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krystal is writing about this now. he says of his own party, quote, the conservative movement is in deep disarray. it may be that major parts of american conservatism have become such a racket that a kind of refounding of the movement as a cause is necessary. it is a racket when you have a serial adulterer like newt gingrich and you have got a criminally wrong dick morris still in the racket still making millions. >> but they're the party of family values, what do you mean? >> sorry. they're making millions. >> absolutely, they are making millions, and the thing is they're not winning. you would think somebody would say, wait a second, we're going to spend all this money, what are we getting for that. ? one of the beginnings governor dean did, everybody was off thed nc coal. >> really? >> it broke a lot of china. people didn't like it. his point was why are we listening to the same set of consultants when we're losing? this racketeering, the problem is the five people who are on this, you know, commission, if you will, or this autopsy if you will -- >> growth and opportunities. >> are al
, absurd. >> i'm krystal ball. here's a word. really, john boehner? really? that's all i have to say. okay, not really. >> i'm s.e. cup. it's kerry. the president makes his official pick for secretary of state. >> i'm steve kornacki. excited like a kid with a new puppy on christmas morning or something like that. any day you can talk about the intricacies of new jersey politics i love it. >> what travellers are not loving it the holiday travel mess. a check of the weather and what it means to get to grandma's. come on over the river and through the woods to "the cycle." >> we begin with what could only be described as one of the weirdest press conferences in recent memory. with nra's chief wayne lapierre giving what felt less than a news conference and more than a 30 minute case for ending gun violence with more guns. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every single school in this nation. and to do it now. to make sure that blanket safety
? >> that's right, krystal. you shouldn't worry about that, although i have to say i have been a little worried about which of the two human genders your unborn child will be associated with and i am told by a source that you might have news on that front. >> i do. >> which of the two is it? >> that was like be most awkward segue. >> it's professional. >> it will be a boy. >> yeah! >> so i have my little girl, now i will have a boy, matched set. >> that's balance for you. >> that's balance. thank you. >> it's nice having one of each. >> i will take your word for it. that does it for "the cycle." it's all yours. >> many congratulations. a beautiful brother to your lovely daughter. that's fabulous news. good afternoon. it's thursday, december the 20th. just a week before christmas and one thing has become wonderfully clear to me. john boehner is not a leader. he's being led, and he may take all of us down with him. >> plan b. >> plan b. >> plan b. >> republicans have made every effort to avoid the situation we find ourselves in. >> they keep on finding ways to say no as opposed to finding
finney is in the chair for martin bashir and it is all yours. >> thanks, krystal. good afternoon. i'm karen finney in for martin bashir on this thursday, december 27th. the president is back in washington, the senate is working against the clock, and speaker boehner, yeah, he's m.i.a. >> no new negotiations are scheduled. >> congress has five days to strike a deal before the end of the year deadline. >> they're calling it the fiscal cliff. [ speaking foreign language ] >> john boehner seems to care more about keeping his speakership than about keeping the nation on firm financial footing. >> let's take the american people out of the line of fire in terms of taxes. >> it's being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker. >> i have never known john boehner not to have a plan. >> it seems pretty dark right now. >> it looks like there's no way there's going to be any deal done. >> so i say to the speaker, take the escape hatch we've left you. >> we're not going to get anything done that doesn't involve some measure of compromise. >> it's not 100% sure that's going to work any longer,
krystal, it appears it's obama and boehner one on one. there's no i in team but there's one in win, which is why the fiscal slope negotiations are getting serious. we haven't heard yet from the president but have heard from speaker boehner. >> this isn't a progress report, because there's no progress to report. the white house has wasted another week. it's time for the president, if he's serious, to come back to us with a counteroffer. >> to further explain the nature here, we welcome you to movie metaphor club. today we clinic the fiscal slope talks to a seen from the sublime 1994 film "pulp fiction." in this diner theme we have samuel jackson's jewels in a tense tango by two small timers. >> nobody is going to hurt anybody. we're going to be like three little fonzis here. what's he like, yolanda? >> cool. >> what? >> cool. >> correct. thats what we're going to be. we're going to be cool. >> that's great. >> this is the financial whatever you want to call it in a nut shell. obama is jewels, boehner is pumpkin and the tea party is yolanda. they're locked in a tense standoff so potentially
from being nominated as secretary of defense led by bill krystal of "the weekly standard." these war hawks actually accuse hagel of being an anti-semite, anti-israel and proceed-iran. they are totally wrong, completely wrong on all three issues. no. chuck hagle, who served with distinction as a republican senator doesn't support the settlement -- that is israel keep building on the west bank. but guess what? neither does president obama. neither did president george w. bush. you don't, he didn't want to start a third war by bamming iran. that doesn't make him a friend of the ayatollah. this is a disgusting smear campaign. i would hope chuck hagle would not run flu his enemy. i hope president obama would nominate him and fight for his confirmation. folks, brings us to this weekend before christmas. i will be office enjoying my family next week. david shuster will be here filling in. so i hope you all have a great weekend, and happy happy holidays. merry christmas. we will see you early in 2013. god bless. >> this is "the bill press show."
. this is my diet version, sprite zero, white tequila, krystal light and club soda, mix it together and it's girl. it's the skinny girl margarita. if it's too diet soda, make it with high quality tequila, lime and club soda. >> the white russian. >> another bad idea. you're mixing half and half with liquor, this is festive. an old-fashioned hot toddy. >> whiskey, lemon juice and hot water. half the calories and all the bite. >> now, the chocolate martini is always decadent. >> i don't understand that. dessert martins. i have seen rice pudding martins. if you want dessert, eat dessert. if you want a martin, have a martin. this is 500 calories, this is 200. gin, vermouth and wine. >> i see bubbly champagne. >> 100 calories per flute. the fewest calories on the table. i don't find champagne as killing at wine. >> that's 120. >> yep, for red or white. >> funny you knew that? >> we start with -- >> all the heart healthy benefits too. >> i would go with a glass of wine. >> some are beer drinkers, guinness, 120 calories per bottle. one of the healthiest beers in the world. >> i wouldn't have gues
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